4 thoughts on “Blond boy in the shower

  1. He is so damn sexy! Love his whole look and the chain is hot too. Nice 6.5″ cut cock. I want to fuck him so bad!

  2. Blond boy in the shower Aug27,2019 boyself 4⭐A … wiith ONE picture … and he be a pure and a want and a go get, ha ha ha.
    — Malcolm X derides whites with blond and blue eyes as devils … and recants. CURRENT Black Lives Matter BLM people exclaim a hate of Whites saying the Whites in the USA are automatic racists. This is the current 2021 4TH OF JULY time before and after the fire works … AND, they do NOT dislike the JAN 6 acts against the Jan 6 Capitol.
    ——— This one do LOVE the Blonds in this’s life … & do like white guys & do prefer them. PERIOD.
    — — — YOU do YOUR thing. Declaim not mine. … Meanwhile, we work together …

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