8 thoughts on “Hot guy with a tattoo

  1. Gotta be semi hard …it must be huge when fully grown 🙂 . Lucky duck…won the huge dick lottery. Dick size is pure chance and luck. He could just as easily ended up with a 5 inch pecker.

  2. Hot guy with a tattoo Aug20,2019 boyself 4⭐A.
    He be cock assure. He be cock and body OUT. A be of nice show of cock eeeee ness !

    The new FEMS might want him to be some new male enslavers of females. The BLM blacks want him to be auto racist & of auto white propriety & auto white favors versus black degrading. The new Blacks BLM make Whites auto racists. The new school curriculum is to make white boys stupified by black auto victimology educate.
    — NOW A DAYS, you are a victim, and, you blame others. NONSENSE ! Have to work to make peace

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