9 thoughts on “Phillip, 19 years old – bisexual…

  1. I wouldn’t mind having some time alone with him .
    Such a cutie ,nice hard cock too .
    Tame turns making love and enjoying each other .

  2. Some blonds have more fun. They, as more, as any one, for fun !
    ”blond blue eye and white” is the racist accusing. Most ”whites” are NOT blond NOR with blue eyes. NOR green eyes.
    RACISTS come in all colors. Skin color and bone confib and area of living are part of a being alive … race is a old invent and a make a bad in the 1500’s, 1492 showing fellow red bloods peoples. Does not stop people from beee-leeev-ing nonsense into the 2021. .
    — ”Phillip, 19 years old – bisexual…” be a wild cat guy. mmm mmm mmm

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