13 thoughts on “Very big dick young dude

  1. OMG, what an amazing cock! He looks like he 5’6″ tall with a huge 12″ cock! Puts my little 5″ cock to shame. Man, he would be laughing at my cock, when he saw it in the locker room. I wonder how much of his young cock I can fit in my mouth and ass? He must love showing that “Moby Dick” to his friends.

  2. ”Very big dick young dude” gets a ‘B’ 3star for the size of the upping thing from the groin, and, for its show offing, but, no more, because of its being a faceless.
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  3. Nice big cock. I love big young horny cocks. I would love to feel that big hunk of meat grow in my hand while I give him a nice handjob and watch those balls pump out a huge load of cum. I would then suck on it afterwards. I would then have him fuck my ass and shoot a hot load of cum in it.

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