5 thoughts on “Naked Young Athlete

  1. I wish you were within reach of me. I would like to put your Johnson in my mouth for a little while. If it was only made possible

  2. What a gorgeous young guy. Great body and cock. Would love to suck him off and have him fuck my tight ass. I am sure he could take my small 5″ uncut cock, with no problem.

  3. (Naked Young Athlete April 24, 2020) – When the Fly Boids go out and grab this one and fly him here, will have to send the Crawl Twings to clean out the bath room and fly those items here too. To make this one as home as comfortable and familiar in a NEW. They have to take the mirror too. Athletes are some times bludgeon but do have lots of crouch defenses. This fantasy is of this one’s pictures inspire. FUN ! ha ha ha ha ha

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