3 thoughts on “Guy with large dick

  1. Dude, you have a smoking hot look, I love the bush, the armpit hair, tattoos, a smoking hot body, do you Snapchat leave a reply please…

  2. ”Guy with large dick” gets a B3star for a big and a nice body and tattoo and also for showing enough of the face to make the photo seem real.
    To the HEADLESS HORSEMEN, if you HIDE your head it is their target. Faceless get the URBAN, SUBURBAN, & underground TROLLS. The country hide a-ways get the FAIRIES. There are the URKS who care not but to seek, find, steal, fuck, eat. WATCH OUT if you dare THINK you are a hide ! There are those who look to find your sort out ! The Roosevelts get to be millionaires in the open !!! Liars ? IN THE OPEN !!! ha ha ha

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