19 thoughts on “Oh boy

  1. One word sums it up! “Breathtaking”

    Be so darn proud to strut your stuff you so deserve to you have all …great looks,awesome physique, well endowed! Congrats! 🙂

  2. Is that thing real? I don’t know if I ever saw a dick that long. I would like to know just how long it is and how fat? Again another example of huge penis size of blacks that makes me feel like I was definitely short changed on what I have. And I thought I had a nice size at 7. That monster must be a good 10 inches if not I’m surprised. Sure would like to find out for my self many times. Get back with me and I will give you head all day long.

  3. I had to see it again just to make sure I don’t have any eye problems. Just imagine if that thing was fat sure would like to see it facid.

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