4 thoughts on “Hot boy naked selfie

  1. There is the guy on the other side of that door we see in the picture. He is a bully. He later slams the door open. Then bully grabs this guy. Then bully guy puts this guy’s dick and body under his complete control. Do mean, HIS control. NOT that of this photo This reminds of, as a witness, of a making of a white slave. for real. YES.
    Understand as a fantasy. A for real is horror.

  2. Whilst in Detroit do witness four white guys a making into slaves. Three are be by way of violent force and forceful heroin use and addicting and sex rental, and more drugs … and the 4th by a taking and then complete disappearance. They be an asshole mean guy which we guess is wgy they take it. The other 3 we see regularly for rent and under control. One is a former 5⭐A+ and the handlers reduce that to a passing grade look and being, a pure mere mouth and ass hole for rent. The disappear mean guy is then 4⭐A. The other 2 be 3⭐B, at first., down to passing grade. …….
    The photo above shows a meek but cute guy. Passing grade 2⭐C. OK !

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