17 thoughts on “This boy always gets my day started

  1. how did you get your dick so big are you taking pils i want to have a big dick to tell me the truth thanks curtis i bet you get all the girls with that big dick

  2. can you tell me how did you get your dick so big can you tell me the secret i want to have a big to so can the girls to thanks curtis

  3. can you tell how me how did get your so big i am 18 years old i want to know how can i have a 8″ dick so i can get some girls to can you help me are you taking something or is it drink something thanks your pal curtis

  4. To the guy that has the heading “This boy always gets my day started”…. How did you get your Dick like that? It looks good as hell…It goes so good with that ripped body of yours. And why didn’t you show your entire face in the shot? from what I see you are a very good looking guy.

  5. I think everyone said it all…but I want to add… your wonderful and amazing…you have so many great qualities I can write a book!

    Congrats your awesome! 🙂

  6. Que pau perfeito. Menino lindo, chupo esse seu mastro até vc babar minha boca toda com seu leitinho.

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